Rivendale CampingAt Rivendale our philosophy is to plan for the LONG TERM with the expectation that all natural resources will be increasingly scarce.

This philosophy was followed 11 years ago when we began clearing what was a derelict industrial site and started the construction of Rivendale Caravan Park.

Literally hundreds of thousands of tonnes of quarry waste were recycled to construct roads and buildings and the safety bank surrounding the pitching area.

A network of water pipes was installed to permit roof water to be used for irrigation and toilet flushing. Buildings were insulated to a high standard and provided with very efficient computer-controlled gas boilers and under-floor heating to reduce their carbon footprint. Tens of thousands of trees and shrubs were planted throughout the pitching area and the surrounding fields to encourage biodiversity and offset the carbon dioxide footprint of our buildings.

Thinnings and fallen trees on site are used to fire the wood-burning stoves, back boilers and hot tubs at Rivendale whilst glass, steel and other metals are separated on site for recycling.

How Green is my Holiday?

Eco friendly holidayBy comparison with flying overseas, towing a caravan within the UK will produce far less greenhouse gas and do less environmental damage. Our central location within the UK will result in reduced travelling distances for most clients and we now offer possibilities for storing caravans on site between visits so that you can avoid using the additional fuel needed to tow a caravan.

It is even viable for clients to arrive on foot or by bicycle from Cromford Station using the High Peak and Tissington cycle Trails and book a hire tent, Yurt, Bed and Breakfast room or Holiday Home on site. After allowing for the carbon offset of the tree planting that has been carried out, such clients will have almost zero carbon footprint.

David Bellamy Award Scheme

Rivendale is proud to have been awarded 10 successive David Bellamy Gold Awards – a claim that can be made by only a handful of the six hundred plus Holiday Parks that enter the scheme nationally – and by no other holiday park within the Peak District National Park boundary. This award is made only after an independent expert assesses each Holiday Park on its biodiversity, recycling, and environmental impact and so on – visitors to Rivendale can rest assured that we are doing our best for the environment, not because we say so, but on the basis of 10 independent environmental audits.

Wild Flowers

Rivendale has several acres of limestone meadow that provide a stunning wild flower display. Hundreds of Cowslips provide spectacular early season colour in March, revisited in May with sheets of golden Trefoil and Yellow Rattle. Whilst in June and July the meadow is purple with hundreds of Spotted and Early Purple Orchids and Scabious. To maintain the display the fields are not fertilised or treated with weed killers and grazing animals are kept off until the wild flowers have set seed.

Star Gazing
Eco friendly holidays
The Peak District is one of the few locations within England not to suffer from excessive light pollution as even the villages and main roads close to Rivendale do not have street lights. This provides an excellent location from which to view the night sky – which is why the White Peak Astronomical Observing Group holds a “Star Party” at Rivendale twice a year. By the same token, it is ESSENTIAL to bring a torch.

Club Buildings & Bed & Breakfast Rooms

Waste heat from the bar cellar and bar room are used for space heating the club buildings and heating the hot water used in the club buildings and bed and breakfast rooms.

All the rooms benefit from high levels of insulation and oak-framed windows with very efficient double glazing. The ventilation system in the bed and breakfast rooms recovers heat from stale air extracted from the building, then preheats and filters the incoming fresh air to remove most dust and pollen particles. Roof water is used for toilet flushing reducing mains water use.

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