Camping Pods and Yurts

Camping Pods and Yurts to hire in the Derbyshire Peak District - Keeping you warm and dry on your holiday all year round!

Add some adventure to your camping holiday in the snug simplicity of a Peak District Yurt or Peak District Pod surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Peak District National Park.

What is a Yurt? Mongolian canvas yurt outside at rivendale

Yurts were used as mobile homes by nomadic tribesmen in Asia. They comprise a light, easily-assembled timber frame covered by felt and animal skins providing a large, circular living space with full headroom throughout.

At Rivendale, our 16' diameter  Yurt has been hand-made by a local craftsman with a peeled timber lattice frame providing full headroom over most of its area with the strength to resist the winter weather over 1000 feet above sea level on the side of a mountain.

Due to a shortage of Yaks and Ibex in the Peak District, we have substituted the felt and animal skins with a heavy, flame-retardant canvas and an apex of clear plastic – so you can admire the stars from the comfort of the rugs inside. The apex can be folded back like a sun-roof for better ventilation on hot days with traditional campfire-cooking outside on the grill of the fire-pit which is availabe to hire from reception.

A traditional wood-burning stove supplied with well-seasoned timber inside the Yurt provides warmth and somewhere to cook and boil a kettle with near full head-room throughout.

Inside canvas yurt at rivendale - with log burning fire


Currently we have two Canvas Yurts on site. The smaller Canvas Yurt can accommodate up to 6 adults (or 4 adults and 4 children), whilst the larger Yurt can sleep up to 8 Adults - depending upon the use of beds, camp/air beds or mats. Dogs are also permitted for an extra charge. 

It is provided with a supply of seasoned firewood which should last you for your first evening and additional wood can be purchased from our shop. A kettle, frying pan and saucepan are also available to hire subject to availabilty from the reception and may be used on the top of the stove for cooking and making tea. Alternatively, in fine weather a fire pit with grill and seasoned timber may be used outside the Yurt for cooking or barbeques.

We recommend clients bring their own camping stoves to supplement the wood stove which can take time to heat up, as well as sleeping bags, plates and cutlery etc. Although rugs are provided in the canvas yurt we also recommend bringing your own camping or air bed.

Traditional Canvas Yurt
Canvas Yurt - Shire (with log burning fire) Up to 8 Adults or 6 Adults and 4 Children £80/Night (Supply of logs included for 1st night)
Canvas Yurt - Hillside (with log burning fire) Up to 6 Adults or 4 Adults and 4 Children £70/Night (Supply of logs included for 1st night)

Check out time for guests staying in our Canvas Yurts is 10:30am on the day of departure - this time can be negotiated according to availability, but time is required for cleaning staff to prepare your Yurt for the next guest to arrive. 

Timber Yurtstimber yurts in the snow on bindlebole wood

Our timber yurts at Rivendale are wooden hexagonal cabins and are ideal in cold and wet weather as the timber provides effective insulation. We have two timber yurts, one of which contains a wood- burning stove, so don't forget to bring some wood and firelighters along or alternatively you can buy a bag of seasoned fire wood and firelighters on arrival. The second timber yurt contains an electric heater and both have a 16 amp power outlet and lighting.
Each timber yurt can sleep up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 small children and dogs are also allowed for an extra charge. Clients need to bring everything they would to go camping  except the tent! The cost to hire a timber yurt is inclusive of all people and with access to our heated toilet and shower building.
Parking is possible for one car next to the Yurts – accessed via an embankment which runs by the side of the environmental pond. In wet weather the grass may get slippery making front wheel or four wheel drive an advantage.
Timber Yurts
Timber Yurt 1 (Electric Heater) Sleeps up to 3 Adults or 2 Adults and 2 Small Children £40/Night
Timber Yurt 2 (Log Burner) Sleeps up to 3 Adults or 2 Adults and 2 Small Children £40/Night (Supply of Logs not included)
Check out time for guests staying in our Timber Yurts is 10:30am on the day of departure - this time can be negotiated according to availability, but time is required for cleaning staff to prepare your Yurt for the next guest to arrive. 

Depending on the season, Peak District Yurts may be sited on wide ledges on the eastern hillside at Rivendale with panoramic views overlooking Eaton and Alsop Dales. Alternatively, they may be located near the pond within the pitching area – with a shorter walk to the amenity building.

Camping Pods

Camping pods are tent shaped, insulated timber huts with light, heaters and 16 amp power outlet and have proved to be comfortable during even the coldest weather! They are the ideal replacement for your tent, particularly in the winter:- Camping Pods are already set up and ready to go when you arrive, completely weather proof so you're no longer having to deal with muddy ground sheets and wet fabrics. Pods are lockable and, being built from solid timber, are much more secure.

We currently have 5 family camping pods & 5 standard camping pods, with approximately 7 of these being dog friendly (dogs are an extra charge). The camping pods are in 2 different locations; we have 4 on our main pitching area and 6 in a more secluded area for those who want to get away and enjoy the piece and quiet. At Rivendale, camping pods come in two sizes, our family camping pods can accommodate up to 4 adults (or 2 adults and 3 children) and our smaller classic camping pods can sleep up to 3 adults (or 2 adults and 2 children). 

As with our timber yurts, clients need to bring all the equipment they need for camping, minus the tent! You can hire a family camping pod at a cost of £50 per night and the classic camping pods for £40 per night, inclusive of all people & electricity, and with access to our heated shower and toilet building. The cost of a pod is very favorable when used to their full potential - for example, a Family Pod can work out as low as £12.50 per person per night.  

Family Camping Pod Sleeps up to 4 Adults £50/Night Inclusive of all peoples
Standard Camping Pod Sleeps up to 2 Adults and 2 Children £40/Night Inclusive of all peoples


rivendale camping pod in the snow                    

inside view of a rivendale camping pod with lights, heating, carpet and insulation       Rivendale Camping Pod view from the front sun deck and french doors

Check out time for guests staying in at pod is 10:30am on the day of departure - this time can be negotiated according to availability, but time is required for cleaning staff to prepare your Pod for the next guest to arrive.


Scandinavian Hot Tubs

Traditional Scandinavian Hot Tubs accommodating up to six people are available for hire by the evening and are a great way to ease aching muscles after a long walk or bike ride. These are fired by wood waste from timber prunings at Rivendale and are therefore CARBON NEUTRAL, so you can enjoy a relaxing soak and feel smug about saving the planet.

The Scandinavian Hot Tub is pre-bookable at an additional cost of £80/an evening - this includes private rental of the hot tub on your pitch for the entire day & a full supply of logs.  (must be pre-booked and can only be placed in certain areas not available on all pitches enquire at time of booking)






Our New Tiber Yurt sleeps 6 people and is £90 a night



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